Remember last time when you were trying to download a file from the internet, and as soon as you clicked the download button, a survey popped up, and you wasted 15-20 mins of your precious life in completing that survey, and you still didn’t get the file. You saw many different kinds of ads, filled up many forms and even got nothing. Now, searching for how to remove/skip/bypass surveys!

Read the full guide below to understand how our XJZ Survey Remover tool works.


You don’t need any other software VPN or IP Redirecting software for using this tool; just the tool is enough for you to do the work. So, if you have already purchased and downloading the XJZ Survey Remover tool, then you can proceed with a simple tutorial about how this tool works. After downloading you will have a setup file. Double-click on the file to install it.

After the program is installed, click on its desktop icon to open the tool. So, now we have successfully installed the tool, and we are ready to move to the important part of skipping the survey.

The user interface to the program might look complicated to you, but that’s the reason this guide is coming to existence. We will explain each step of using the tool and make it simple to you.

    1. Open the tool and click on the Detect button, this will automatically connect the program to its servers and detect your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the computer on which you’re accessing the websites.
    2. Once your IP address is detected, click on Connect. Now, it will connect to its server and find the best possible server for you and also checks its security by exchanging keys.

xjz survey remover

    1. Now, the only thing you need is the URL of the download link that redirects you to a survey form page. Now, you can see the page URL on top of your window. Now, select the URL and copy it.

URL of the download link

    1. Now, go back to the program and paste the URL and the check URL box. It will open a window, and you need to click on check again. If that window opens up the URL that means the page is correct and you can proceed further.

check url using xjz url checker

    1. Click on unlock URL, and it will show a progress bar. Please wait until it reaches 100%. As soon as it arrives at 100%, click on the Go Back button.

unlocking url progress bar

    1. Now, the final step, click on the download file. It will show a progress bar to 100%, and after that, the file will be downloaded to your computer.


We hope now this guide would be helpful for you to skip, bypass or simply block those irritating and useless online survey while you are trying to download an important file or accessing a document.

Do share your reviews on the XJZ Survey Remover tool and how good or bad it was while removing and skipping the surveys. The price of the software is affordable at $7.99. Be sure to go for the trial version first, as the company also recommends it, users, to give users a glimpse of what they are offering and how the software looks like.